The Annual National Assembly Weekend

In less than a month many of us will be at Mount St Joseph participating in the annual national assembly to be held from the 18th-20th October with the theme From Our Roots To The Frontiers. The seminar team has been sending material that can be used as reflection for your community meetings. We trust that you find the quotes, pictures and material helpful. We are also very pleased that we will have three speakers at our assembly, all experts in their respective field.

Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations… (Matt 28, 19)

[caption id="attachment_982" align="alignleft" width="203"]Andrew Camilleri (left) and Rob Rizzo Andrew Camilleri (left) and Rob Rizzo[/caption]

The CLC Leadership Community would like to congratulate and show their support to Andrew Camilleri in his decision to become a Jesuit. Andrew was a member of the CLC Constellation until the group’s dissolution. He graduated as a doctor of Medicine and Surgery in 2011 from the University of Malta and was practising in the UK. He will be starting off the journey as a novice in Genova this October together with another young Maltese novice, Rob Rizzo.

CLC Malta God Parenting Experience - CLC Slovakia

The following report about CLC Malta’s God Parenting experience with CLC Slovakia aims to give an overview of the experience lived in CLC Malta so far.  The practice in the CLC World Community to ask an established national community to walk with a new aspirant community for a number of years before and after incorporation into the world community has proven to be an important step in both the life of the god parent community and the new community.  It has become such an important moment in their lives that this experience is now-a-days guided by the World ExCo’s Standing Order 1.

Welcome to the CLC Malta e-newsletter’s first edition

CLC Malta has had a newsletter in the past. For a long time it used to be called Kuntatt, which started off as an A5-size booklet with a printed cardboard cover and eventually morphed into A4 photocopied papers stapled together that was sent to members by post. Then it died, only to be resurrected in the electronic age as a pdf called Amar y Servir. That too eventually fizzled out, only to be born again under yet another name - the CLC Bulletin. When that passed away many moons ago, CLC relied solely on e-mails and a primitive website to communicate with its members, but given the information overload we are bombarded with daily, its effectiveness is increasingly limited.

CLC national assemblies at Chaplaincy

Like most other organisations, the CLC Malta Leadership Community (LC) calls a meeting once a year for representatives of all CLC communities to give them a brief summary of what it and various other CLC teams have been doing over the past year, as well as to give space for points of concern to be raised and collective achievements celebrated. This meeting – called the Ordinary National Assembly – will this year take place on Saturday 14th September from 4.30pm to 6.30pm at the University Chaplaincy, Tal-Qroqq, Msida.

Gardening & Prayer experience at MSJ

The gardens at Mount St Joseph, Mosta, provide many people with inspiration to go deeper into their spiritual growth and dialogue with God in surroundings that help them appreciate creation and their part in God's design. This is a very important element that the house cannot afford to maintain on its own steam and we, as CLCers (who also benefited or still benefit from this) can certainly see the fruitfulness that can be brought about by this opportunity, so we understand its importance fully.

Syria: Possible ways of solidarity - A letter from the World ExCo

Our world CLC community is deeply concerned about the urgent situation in Syria. We fervently encourage the international community to promote dialogue, understanding and negotiation to achieve a lasting peace, and we strongly discourage further military strikes that may escalate the overall violence. Just weeks ago at our World General Assembly, we heard from members of our community in Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. Our hearts were deeply saddened by their stories of suffering and forced migration due to the violence in their countries, as well as by the recent chemical weapons attacks. We feel called to pray in solidarity with the people of Syria and the Middle East and to act in ways where we may be able to contribute toward peace and stability in the region.


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