Retreat in Ireland

This year the annual retreat of RODS was rather special. For the first time, we went beyond these shores, as a community, to the Cistercian Monastery at Mount Melleray on the slopes of the Knockmealdown mountains in Ireland. We were at the Abbey from September 8th to September 13th and during this time we were invited to share in the liturgy and the times of prayer of the monks, while enjoying the serene beauty and profound silence of the monastery and the surrounding countryside. This formed the perfect setting for our retreat, guided by Fr. Paul Zammit S.J. who travelled with us. The following are some impressions from different members of RODS.

World CLC ExCo Projects 158

CLC ExCo: The newly-elected World CLC Executive Council (ExCo) has sent to all CLC national communities the latest edition of its regular communication ‘Projects’ (no 158). In it, the ExCo offers a few suggestions for reflection and sharing regarding the theme of the next World CLC Day on 25 March 2014 - ‘From our Roots to Mission at the Frontiers’, based on the rich buffet of offerings at the World Assembly in Lebanon.

Monthly Mass for All CLCers

yctmass1For the last couple of years, the Young Communities Team (YCT) has been looking for opportunities that could help the Young Communities widen their experience of the national community, extending beyond their individual communities’ weekly meetings. The YCT has been trying to provide young communities a sense of the younger CLC and – more importantly – a belonging to the national CLC. But how to do this without adding more meetings to our already-packed schedules?

CLC Children Seminar - October 2013

Childrens_Seminar_2013_logoBetween the 18th and 20th October, 2013 the annual CLC children’s seminar was held at Mt. St. Joseph, concurrent with the adult’s seminar. In keeping with the theme of the adult’s seminar, From Roots to Frontiers, the main focus of this year’s children’s seminar was living out our faith on a day-to-day basis. To develop this theme, ways in which the children could be active participants in issues involving poverty and the environment were explored.


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