Laurence Zerafa: A Visit to East Africa

I like travelling and sub-Sahara black Africa had long been on my mind and in my heart for various reasons. Travels to exotic places, encountering big animals, wildlife, the varied natural environment on a grand scale, different peoples and cultures, a continent which is increasingly interacting with Europe through migration and finally a mission country where several Maltese Catholics serve directly and many more Maltese support this work, including myself ...

CLC Wedding

Lilian and James Schembri got married! On July the 24th, they celebrated their wedding mass at the Sanctuary of Our Lady in Mellieħa. The wedding was absolutely perfect.

CVX France Congress

This summer, we had the privilege to attend the Congress of CVX France. The Congress is held every three years and is an event on a large scale. There were more than 2500 participants from all over France and more than 100 guests, like us, from CLC all over the world. The theme of the Congress was “Come to the well of encounter”, based on the text of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman (John 4:1-42). The theme was developed through various speakers, workshops and small group sharing, together with times of prayer and the Sunday Liturgy.

Circle of Silence

Circle of Silence

As part of my workshop in the French CVX Congress, I had the opportunity to participate in a Cercle de Silence. Cercles de Silence is a movement which was started by Franciscans in Toulouse in 2007, as a form of silent, non-violent, protest against the injustices suffered by immigrants.


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