The gift of welcoming - Mt. St. Joseph Reception Project

Mt. St. Joseph has long felt the need to welcome people as they arrive. Until now, it often happened that visitors come in, but find nobody they can refer to, and are at a loss. This is not the kind of welcome that Mt. St. Joseph would like to give, so a room opposite the main door has been converted into a office, with an attractive reception-desk area. All that remained was to find generous persons who can give time to welcome visitors in the hours when the regular staff are not available.

This work involves helping visitors or guests find their room or hall, or the person they have come to meet, or in general helping with any need they may have. It is a mainly practical sort of help but which carries the deeper meaning of welcome. Stephen Scerri, manager at Mt. St. Joseph, and Fr. Patrick thought of approaching CLC, and nine members from various communities have accepted to participate. These are: Josephine Tonna, Clare Camilleri, Maria Mifsud, Josephine Vassallo, Edward Warrington, Nadia Koppens Apap, Mariella Bezzina, Cristina & Sandro Spiteri. For the moment, this service will be provided on Sunday mornings, because this when there is the greatest need. Later on the project may be extended to include also some evenings.

We believe that this is a concrete way for CLC to participate in an important mission of the Jesuits, helping the community and staff of Mt. St. Joseph to make guests feel at home and supported in their search for God.

Mt. St. Joseph Reception