CLC Wedding

We’re married! On July the 24th, James and I celebrated our wedding mass together with our family and friends at the Sanctuary of Our Lady in Mellieħa. The wedding was absolutely perfect – every single part. It was better than we had ever imagined. While planning for the wedding we did our outmost to focus on preparing ourselves for the sacrament and married life. It really was a struggle not to get carried away with what’s frivolous (and expensive!) but our vision helped us to remain true to ourselves. “A mass and a party after… a mass and a party after”, we kept repeating to ourselves. On the day we were both radiant and excited. We had fun and laughed an awful lot. The next adventure was our honeymoon in Italy. We travelled from Rome, to Florence, Milan and finished our journey in Venice. Some of the highlights were attending a Wednesday Papal audience as ‘Sposi Novelli’, experiencing a pizza and gelato cooking class and visiting the EXPO in Milan. Back in Malta we are taking our time trying to absorb all that we’ve been through and striving to fall into some sort of routine. We can’t say that the wedding has particularly changed us or that it has miraculously made us fall more in love with each other. However, we believe that the graces that we received through the sacrament of marriage will help us to stay strong in our faith and to each other as we embark on what is God’s will for us next.

Lilian and James Schembri